Schafe am Lerchenfeld in Pamhagen (c) Isabella AndertRespect
Born into a large family, growing up on a farm with mixed agriculture, livestock and viticulture, you learn to respect your family, your animals and the associated work. Today, as winemaker, this respect has deepened even more. We think we found the right way in the bio-dynamic economy to press the grapes into sustainable and valuable wines. We respect the earthly and cosmic influences on our wines, our soil and also we respect the influence of the seasons on our wines.

Since switching to bio-dynamic in 2003, the work in the vineyard has a higher value. It’s fun to watch that more and more animals find a home in our vineyards. This diversity creates a natural balance between pests and beneficial insects and promotes the health of the wines.

Ruländer auf Hörner (c) Isabella AndertCourage
All these changes also imply a degree of uncertainty. It takes courage to take unbeaten paths or to take unusual measures. Even more courage is required to do nothing and leave the grapes or the wine to their natural development.

After a few years we can say that wine from this type of production tastes better. The wines are gaining individuality and have more character. Also they are more digestible and more stable. Due to the aging in oak barrels in our cellar, the complexity of the wines is underlined, which ensures a long shelf life.

Details on production
Soil: our wines grow on black earth soils with good humus content, the B-horizon is usually loamy sand, with medium coarse fraction.
Crop Protection: since 2016 only with teas and biodynamic preperations.
Fertilization: none
Harvest: the harvest is carried out only manually.
Vinification: open fermentation of the whole grape in red and white wine. Little or no sedimentation in white wine. Spontaneous fermentation. No temperature control due to the small containers.
Grape varieties: Zweigelt, St. Laurent, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Gris, Neuburger
Area: 4,5 ha