ANDERT im Garten


„How did it happen?“

An unexpected, long-standing wish came true!

DSC_0009Since I’m working with the biodynamic agriculture, the desire for the farm of my childhood was growing stronger and stronger. “I want to be a farmer”, was already a dream of mine when I was little. Throughout the viniculture the “farm” evolved. The vegetable garden was getting bigger, the knowledge about herbs deeper, the animals were getting more and so was also growing the need of forage. We learned over the years to preserve all our products, for our own use and for sale. Through some projects with SLOW FOOD Burgenland and WWF we saw how curious schoolkids are about livestock farming and planting.

This all led to the new self employment. With professional support from my family we walk this way now together since 2012. By now, I have the certificate for Schule am Bauernhof and I’m a certified Kräuterpädagoge.

We don’t only want to plant vegetables and fruits in our garden. We want to create awareness. Awareness for precious food, the beautiful and hard work and the respectful handling and use of animals.

We invite you, to experience the habitats and to taste the lovely fruits with us!

How you can find us.